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XG7 RGB 20-SERIES (2080 Ti FE) and Zotac compatibilty


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Went through the hydro x config and it said the Zotac 2080ti AMP edition was compatible with XG7 RGB 20-SERIES (2080 Ti FE)


Anyway have stripped the Zotac card down and I dont think its standard PCB.


I dont think the thermal padding on the XG7 will cover all the parts that need to be covered........I really am a noob when it comes to this. I ordered all the parts based on the hrydo x config ( 7fior6 )


anyway..here is my breakdown...at the end there was another little frame attached that was held on at the front by 5 screws so after removing that I got the frame off




and this is a pic of the XG7 ( got it from the internet)




So I assume I would have to get some thermal pads to put on the extra parts ?


I am a noob and glad I pulled the card down before all the gear arrived ...would hate to be half way through and have this happen


So what should I do...remove all the green gunk and just put the XG7 on and not worry about it? I honestly dont think the XG7 is compatible

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-yes, it looks like the water block has recesses for the Inductors to allow the card to slide on but there is still one little worry and that is where I have put a red line on the pic.......everything else seems to be covered but should I put a strip on this part............




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