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LL120 RGB Hub - Weird Behavior


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Hey All,


I recently purchased a Corsair 570x case along with 6 x LL120's w/ Commander Pro. The build was a lot of fun, and by far my best looking build to date. I took my time and managed all the cables/wires, even labeling all my LL120 connections to ensure they got plugged into my RGB hub and Commander Pro properly.


I went to power up my new build, and noticed that all fans light up except the 6th LL120 fan in the RGB hub, but spins. I can see this fan and RPM in the iCue software after selecting LL120 and 6 fans in the "Lighting Setup". So the troubleshooting begins.


Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

1. Re-seated LL120 #6 Fan RGB connection to RGB Hub (No Change)

2. Replaced RGB Hub with another from my LL120 3-Pack (No Change)


3. Moved LL120 #6 Fan RGB to Port 5 on RGB Hub (Fixed)

3. Moved LL120 #5 Fan RGB to Port 6 on RGB Hub (Fixed)


4. At this point, all fans 1-6 spin and light up. As soon as I move it back to the original configuration Fan #6 RGB quits working again. Has anyone seen this happen before, and what do you think the issue is? I have updated the firmware on the Commander Pro as well. Thanks.




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