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ICUE software runs in background but no display


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Hello. I recently bought a new SCIMITAR PRO MICE, the manual ruled that the installation of the CORSAIR ICUE was necessary to alter the configurations, I downloaded the software version v3.24.52 and executed it.


Uppon the first try the installer warned that a NVidia application should be closed in order to complete the installation, after closing the NV app I resumed the procedure only to get an ICUE app that, does not display de application, it only runs it on TASK MANAGER along with other CORSAIR named apps, consuming a lot of CPU.


I did the unnistal / re-install procedure multiple times with MULTIPLES VERSIONS OF THE SOFTWARE, did NOT worked. Even with all the NVDIA apps closed in all parts of the process.


I run my computer on Windows 10 PRO and I dont think my hardware is the issue here as it is VERY basic.


DO NOT ask me to :


Select Open file location.


Right-click on iCUE.exe.




just right click on the iCUE icon on the taskbar and select Bring to foreground


Those are some answers given to ppl with the same issue as me that are plain dumb.

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