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Help H100i v2 Heat


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Your package temp (depending on CPU model) is the socket temperature or some other CPU specific sensor. H100i v2 Temp is the coolant temperature. The only time these will ever be the same is when the PC is powered off.


Everyone is CPU and voltage limited. We can make huge cooling system that can dump every bit of heat in one pass, but it doesn't matter if the CPU is too hot on the socket side. Heat must travel from the pins where it is created through the CPU, then into the cooling system. That part is conductive. No fan, pump speed, or radiator makes a difference. Once you put that heat into the cooling system, then those things start to matter and they influence how much heat you can get rid off. Each +1C rise in coolant temp equals +1C in CPU temp. This effectively makes coolant temperature the minimum possible CPU temp and each degree of coolant temp increase is a penalty. +0C would the lowest possible, but in reality most people will see load coolant changes of +4-10C, depending on size, location, and other contributing factors like GPU heat.


If you feel your CPU temp is too high at idle and load in comparison to the coolant temp, you may not have good thermal transfer between the two. This is either because there is a tiny gap or the TIM material may not be effective. A 50C idle at 35C coolant at the desktop at idle would be a bit high. Coolant temp is usually +4-7C above room temp and core temps should dance just above that coolant when you are using normal power profiles and behaviors.

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