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icue 456x build help, suggestions!

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Hey guys! So, I currently have a Alienware r7 and long story short, I am sick of it, lol. My system is not bad, but I do not like the case so I bought a Corsair one.

I have read a lot of posts about lighting and fan control and what-not, but one question I do have is...Do I really need to hook up the lighting node pro (came with the case) and the commander pro (bought separately) together to control everything?


As I am moving the system over, I also have a spare PSU laying around, so I don't see a problem there, but is there any advise or...criticism anyone can say? lol. I hope all goes well, I'll do a little at a time to see if it will fit, if not I'll just get a better MB and prolly reseat the processor!


anywho...any comments / suggestions would be awesome!

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Well, I am finally done my build. I had some, well, a lot of problems just transferring the system over so I bought a new MB and went from there!


I transferred everything I could over, but again, some things didn't work, but now everything is finally done, and working great! I can control the fans and RGB, the one thing I can not control is the rad I have installed...but thats just fine, the gigabyte MB controls it just fine! Anyways, heres some pics! I know the rad logo is upside down, I'll change that sometime! lol





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