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Crystal 280x fans and rad orientation


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Hi guys,


I have a 280x with a H100i platinum, and a ASUS STRIX 2080S. Due to the length of the card, I was unable to put the rad in front as intake, what's usually people do.


Then I installed the h100i on top, as exhaust, and two ll120 fans in front, as intake, and finally two ll120 fans bottom, as intake too.


as result CPU temps are around 70° C on 30-40% CPU load (playing witcher 3, i.e.) - ambient temperature is around 30° C, yes i live in Brazil :P.


I was thinking if won't be better if:


- Change h100i to intake (keep in top);


- change front fans to exhaust;


- keep bottom fans as intake.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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It's a small case, so you never really get to do 'perfect'. There always are compromises that must be made because of the size. We can theorize, but the best thing to do is switch the fans and see. It may be better. It may be the same. I don't think it will be worse.


Before you do, make sure you get good measurements from the current set-up. CPU temps will always be a function of voltage induced temp + coolant temp baseline. Coolant temp at idle will be mostly based on room temp. The three things you need are 1) room temp; 2) idle coolant temp; 3) load coolant temp. You can assess all the CPU and GPU diode temp stuff too, but the above will help identify if the cooler is penalized or enhanced. A big change might be 3-4C, so understand these are definitely fine details.

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