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iCUE doesn't properly support high-DPI monitor configurations


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iCUE has a bug with high-DPI monitor setups that almost completely prevents it from being usable. In my case, my primary monitor is set to 100% scaling, but I have a TV connected that defaults to 300% scaling. For some reason, the iCUE window always uses 300% scaling, no matter where the window is placed. This causes the UI to be unusable as it extends off the visible screen. My TV is typically off, so I don't want to turn it on everytime I want to use iCUE.


To the devs: let me know if you have any questions regarding Windows DPI scaling and how it should be utilized with WPF. I suspect you might have rolled your own scaling to get this bug, but WPF natively supports per-monitor DPI scaling as of .NET Framework 4.6, with even more improvements in 4.8.


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