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Using 4 fans in a single fan header


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Hi all,


I'm using a h100i pro aio to cool my 8700k on a msi z390 ace mobo.

Currently I'm using the 2 fans comes with the aio connected to the PUMP_FAN1 header on the mobo, and wanted to add another 2 ML120 fans for a push/pull configuration.


Should I use 2 PWM splitter (1 to 2) to connect the 4 fans before connecting aio fan connector?


Or just 1 PWM splitter to connect the 2 new fans and plug into CPU_FAN1 header?


Attached some paint job draw to better illustrate what I'm planning to do





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You'll be able to power those fans from the pump header just fine. I would add 2 splitters - 1 on each of the pump headers. This will allow you to control them together based on coolant temp, which the CPU_FAN header won't allow you to do.


Glad to heard that it will works fine. Will add splitters and plug them into the pump headers. Thank you for the reply!:D:

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