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Corsair iCue only 3/4 of fans work


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I've been running into an issue that I cannot seem to fix. I have 4 LL series 120mm fans plugged into an RGB hub (slots 1-4) and plugged into the commander pro. For some reason, 3 out of the 4 fans will light up properly. The three working fans are in slots 1-3. The fourth fan will only light up with its inner ring. The out ring will not light up at all. This fan is plugged into the 4th slot on the RGB controller. When I move this fan to slot 1-3, it works perfectly.




I thought that the issue might stem from a bad connection in the RGB controller or the Corsair Commander so I bought a new commander and a new RGB controller. After installing these, the fourth fan still does not work properly.




I uninstalled iCue, reinstalled, and set up all of the lighting within the application. Still does not work. Does anybody have any luck with this? I have a feeling its a software issue? Unless I got two bad RGB hubs.







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