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Obsidian Series 1000D - help with multiple Commander Pros


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I'm helping a friend build his ultimate machine. Need some conformation I set this up right. Here's the fans setup:


Front: 2x480 in push/pull --> 8 RGB fans and 8 non-RGB fans (all 120 size)

Top: 1x420 in push --> 3 RGB fans (all 140 size)

Back: 1x240 in pull --> 2 non-RGB fans (all 120 size)


Command Pro 1 has 6 of the Front RGB fans to a Commander Pro and 6 RGBs are connected to a RGB hub which is connected to the same Commander Pro.


Commander Pro 2 has 6 of the front non-RGB fans to a Commander Pro and the remaining 2 RGB at the front and the RGB for the Top 3 fans is connected to an RGB Hub which is connected to the same Commander Pro.


Commander Pro 3 has 2 of the remaining Front RGB fans, 2 of the remaining non-RGB fans, and 2 140mm fans. It has Commander Pro 1 and Commander Pro 2 connected by USB. Also the front IO LED is connected.


Commander Pro 3 is then connected to the mobo via USB and the remaining fans are just connected via fan ports on the mobo.




1. Would it be better to have all the 140mm fans connected to the mobo, so that all the fans on the Commander Pros are 120mm or does that not matter?


2. I'm using 3 Commander Pros and 2 RGB Hubs, does that means all 5 components need to be connected to SATA for power?


3. Any suggestions that could improve the set up?

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