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TX650M makes clacking noise


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My PSU (TX650M) is making a consistent clacking noise. I've verified its the PSU fan , I've removed the fan grill and checked to see if the fan is hitting anything and it's not. The noise is continuous, it's there while idle and becomes even louder during gaming. From what I've read online this is possibly a 'bad fan bearing' and that I'll need to rma it. I've not exactly had a great time with the rma process in the past and that's my last resort. Is there anything I can try or do I have to start an rma?


Info that might matter:


PSU has only been in use for just over a year (bought and installed November 2019) and it's still within warranty. Nothing overclocked or any excessive power demand.


My psu is upside down to draw fresh air in from the bottom of the case (I have flipped it the other way and the noise wasn't at loud, but in this position it's fighting for fresh air with my gpu.


This noise randomly started a week or so ago with no cause, I originally thought it was just my hard drive clacking away.


The noise isn't incredibly loud, but its very noticeable and annoying as i have a zero rpm config. Under load its so loud i have to use a headset or turn up my volume to drown at the noise.

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