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Harpoon mouse - Saving profile issue


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Hi everyone,

I just received a Corsair Harpoon WIRED mouse,

and was struggling to find a way to save a profile I set to the device.


To sum up first, I cannot save the profile settings into my mouse.



I just wanted to change the color and brightness, re-mapping 3 keys.

That's all.


When I set the profile like above and clicked the icon "save static lighting, DPI, performance etc to device", there's nothing changed. Then I closed the ICUE programme to check if the profile successfully saved into the device.


-> NOPE. it was not.

it totally does not work.


Does the Corsair Harpoon even have On-board memory for profile? According to the product description from the official webpage, yes it has but seems it does not.


Please help me so that I can make a refund for this or not.


If I can't change the LED option, there's no reason to use.

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Can't save settings to the mouse and that hurts as I'm going to use it with linux also.


Checking the logs I can see the following line:

cue.hw_profile.slots_model: Profile saving is not supported by CorsairDevice::Ptr("HARPOON RGB PRO")


But no error message in the iCUE program.


I thought i read somewhere that it would be possible but apparently not :(

Yet another mouse that will meet an early recycling.


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