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H150i Pro not detected by iCUE


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I am having issues with iCUE not detecting my H150i Pro.


I have K70 Lux, Commander Pro, Lightning Node Pro, Vengeance RGB Pro RAM, H150i Pro, HX850i, 9x HD120 and everything was working perfectly and iCUE detected all of my Corsair products allowing me to adjust fans curves and lights.


A few weeks ago I removed the cooler to reapply some new thermal paste and after I remounted the cooler it was no longer detected by my iCUE software.

The cooler is working and the pump and fans are detected by my motherboard but I can no longer adjust the fan curve and lights.


The USB cable on the H150i is connected to USB header on my Commander Pro.


I have tried updating the software, complete uninstall + reinstall.

Also switched the USB cable to a different header on my Commander Pro.


Not sure what I can do except maybe a complete reinstall of my OS (Win 10).

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