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Help! Spec Omega's RGB Front Strip is not working properly!


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Today I noticed that the LED front strip didn't turn on. It had worked fine before, but today wasn't turned on. So I tried to figure out what could be happening. Everything was plugged correctly, both the sata power and USB cables. Then I tried changing the channels of the tiny cables connected to the Spec Omega's integrated Lightning Node Pro. And it worked! Kind of. The RGB strip was working fine. (Or I thought so). But I noticed that it was being recognized by iCUE as the RGB fans and the fans as if they were the front strip. And when I tried connecting both cables (the ones from the Lightning Node Pro) back to their original places, the RGB strip didn't turn on. Can somebody help me to solve this?



PS: There is no way to configure Channel 2 as the RGB strip in iCUE, nor Port 1 as the RGB fans.


PS 2: If I set up Channel 2 as 3 RGB light strips it works in the same manner as the front strip.


Edit: I turned on my PC this morning and now the front strip didn't power on. I tried changing channels again, but it didn't work.

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