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2 vs512mb400 modules


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I think I might have a problem with my 2 vs512mb400 modules. I have been getting a lot of "Memory could not be read" errors. I decided to run memtest and needless to say it confirmed my worst fear, there are few errors @ test 5.


Ok, now I followed all the guidelines by Ramguy, I set the timing to 3-3-3-8, and I bumped the memory voltage to 2.7v. I am still getting errors. I also tried 3-4-4-8.


The computer I am using is overclocked but thats not the problem. I set it back to default speed and its still generating errors.


so can anyone give me any advice on this problem before I file a rma?


Thank you all



Edit: I forgot to add..I also swapped the memory with the Corsair Xpert series, all the problems I had disppeared after I changed the memory

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