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iCUE Causing High Idle Voltage and Temps on Ryzen 7 2700X


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iCUE makes my CPU think their is a heavy load on the CPU and causes it to boost higher than necessary. This results in high idle voltages, increased power draw, and increased heat output. If I close iCUE the CPU idles as expected at 2.2 ghz, 0.8v, etc, but if I enter iCUE then I boost to 4.3 ghz, 1.45v, etc. I can work around this by enabling Windows Power Saver Power Plan, but this doesn't really solve the issue and I need to switch power plans when I am gaming, updating, etc. I have tried multiple power plans, Windows Balanced, Ryzen Balanced, Custom, etc. and this does not fix the issue. I am at a loss as to why this is happening and this issue was not around in July of 2019 as far as I can remember. I have the latest version of everything, Windows, BIOS, Drivers, iCUE, etc. If anyone else is experiencing this issue or knows of a fix please let me know. i assume this might be a bug in iCUE, but I am not sure.



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