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= key is not working but + is?


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Hi all,


My = key just stop working out of no where, but if I hold shift and push the same key it places's a + as it would.


All my drivers & software is up to date and my ICUE is all up to date.

I did a computer restart and unplugged/replugged into usb 2 & 3, I even had one usb plugged in.


The ripple action works when I push the key as well.


Any idea's?

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Quit iCUE through the task manager or task bar > menu. See if the problem persists without the software running. I guessing it will not and a physical switch issue seems unlikely given the facts.


Make sure you are iCUE 3.24. The prior 2 versions had a bug that could create this issue. Do you have any Actions saved in the Actions Library? This was the a trigger of the prior the bug. I have not seen it on 3.24, but that seems like something to look at if it is still present.

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