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Vengeance RGB Pro CMW32GX4M2C3200C16


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I just got done building my afforded Custom PC. I've done all the necessary upgrades to be able to hold a mild OC @ 4.8ghz All cores 28c idle and 58c under full load/gaming for 8 hours (I dont need anything above 4.8 IMO) to handle anything I'm gonna throw at it. I ran prime95 for 24 hours with no errors or throttling anywhere noted in HWiNFO.


Now moving on to the memory. I have 2 matching CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 32gb kits installed on my Asus z390e mobo. 64gb total. The clock speed and XMP profile are manually set and are running @ 1.35v 3200mhz no problem. And it runs butter smooth. Now Im wanting to push the kit to its limits for science purposes


I haven't seen many reviews or overclocking on this kit in particular. The only one I've managed to find was, well, not that promising with little info provided to achieve the 4000mhz he claims to have pushed these kits to.


Can i get some insight as to what if any overclocking can be done to this kit? I have not been able to get a post on anything over 3200mhz with any config I've tried in the BIOS currently.



Full Specs


i7 8700k

64gb total 4@16gb Corsair Vengeance ddr4 dual channel kit

Nvidia 2080 Founders Edition

Corsair H115i 280mm AIO-Replaced stock fans with Noctua 140mm 3000rpm pwm fans(exhaust top of case)

3 @ 120mm Noctua 2000 rpm chassis fans(intake)

140mm Noctua 3000rpm pwn rear chassis fan

Samsung 970 m.2 primary OS drive

Samsung 1tb ssd for AAA games

4tb Seagate 7200 rpm hdd for my dedicated Plex server

NZXT h700 case

Corsair rm850 PSU

31.5" BenQ 144hz 1440p monitor

Redragon K592 AMSA RGB Optical Mechanical keyboard

Redragon M801p Sniper Pro Mouse





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You could use the freeware version of Thaiphoon Burner to see what kind of dram chip your RAM is using and then proceed to


They have Samsung B die chip sets. It was the deciding factor to start with for the 2 @ 32gb sets(total 4x16gb). Im surprised that there isnt more out there about these kits. 3200mhz is nothing to bat an eyelash at for price point and performance.


I've tried Overclocks/timing/voltage for similar Samsung B die chips. I have not been successful in getting it to post at anything higher than 3200mhz. I've only found 1 post with somebody claiming 4000mhz on the same set of ram. But there was no explanation or settings provided to back up his claim....


If you guys know anybody proficient im ddr4 Overclocking please send them here

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