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[BUG] MPV and the Void Pro/iCUE


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So I've had an issue with the drivers that are supplied by iCUE. I'm terrible at explaining things, but I'll do my best


I prefer to use MPV for all my videos as the up-scaling quality is strongly preferred, but the drivers that iCUE supply for the Void Pro cause the sound drivers to flop when opening most videos through MPV, especially .MKV format videos. The problems I get are:


- Intense crackling of the audio


- Audio will not play through any other media source until the video on MPV is paused


- Sometimes the audio takes a while (about 5-10 seconds) to boot up for the video, which is usually followed by the crackling issues


A temporary fix I found over the many months of having my PC reformatted or having tried older iCUE versions, is to simply uninstall the "Corsair VOID Wireless Gaming Dongle" driver from Device manager and letting Windows install the drivers for the headphones themselves. This fixes all the issues, but prevents the headset working through iCUE properly such as:


- EQ settings no longer work (Very important to me)


- It can't detect audio playback, so the headphones shut off even whilst playing audio if auto shutoff is enabled


I haven't found any threads on MPVs github in regards to either the Void Pro or iCUE itself though, but I can't seem to figure out what exactly is causing the problem, whether it's on MPVs side or Corsairs', but I know it's just the drivers supplied by iCUE


Headset driver V 0.15

Current iCUE V 3.23.66 (have had the same issue with the past half-dozen or so updates)

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Still have the same issues today and I'd love to ask the developers of MPV for support on this one, but I don't think I'm capable of making a properly categorised bug report with the system they have for it
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