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Hello All,

Awhile back I purchased an Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse. After fighting for several days to get iCue to detect and control it I gave up and returned it. I went back to my wired Ironclaw. After a day or so the Wireless Ironclaw showed up, even though it is no longer attached. Anyone else have a similar issue and resolved it? Any help would be eternally appreciated.


BTW, I uninstalled and reinstalled iCue several times to no avail




Gigabyte B450 motherboard

Ryzen 2600

16Gb (2X8) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

1 Corsair Vengeance RGB enhancement kit (2 sticks)

Gigabyte 5700XT

Samsung 970 Pro 512Gb NVME

Corsair RM850

Corsair H115i AiO

3X LL120s

2X LL140s

Commander Pro

Lighting Node w/ 4 strips

K70 RGB mk.2

IronClaw wired

MM800 Polaris


Void Pro RGB



PS, In case anyone from Corsair wonders in here. See all the Corsair stuff in my specs? Next build will have 0. There isn't enough RGB and cool lights in the world to put up with crappy software and non-existent support.

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