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LL120 fan colour not changing with iCue


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I'm having issues with the LL120 RGB fans as they don't react to colour changes made in iCue.


Current setup:

  • 6xLL120 RGB fans (power connected to motherboard, RGB connected to lighting hub on channel 1), 3 fans bought as a LL120 lighting pack, the other 3 came with the 680X case
  • 680X case with Lighting Node PRO and RGB Lighting Hub
    Commander Pro
  • Latest iCue software and latest lighting node pro firmware



  • iCue detects Lighting Node Pro, no issues
  • Set channel 1 to 6xLL120 fans
  • Fans are on, spinning and RGB LEDs are illuminating (but the fans do not have the same colours showing)
  • When changing the fan colour scheme in iCue, the fans do not change colour correctly. Some fans will change slightly (but incorrectly) and others won't change
  • Tried changing to 'static colour' in iCue, e.g. red. Some fans show partial red, whilst others show no red at all but show blue instead
  • Memory and CPU cooler respond properly to iCue RGB settings


Attempted resolution:

  • Tried connecting 1 fan at a time with iCue configuration updated accordingly
  • Tried a new Lighting Node Pro and RGB Lighting Hub
  • Tried using Gigabyte RGB Commander instead of Lighting Node Pro and RGB Lighting Hub (Gigabyte RGB Fusion since uninstalled to avoid conflict)
  • Tried different USB port to connect Lighting Node Pro to motherboard


Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Is there a way to test the output signals from the lighting node pro?

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For the benefit of others, the issue was that the Gigabyte RGB Commander is a 12V output on the RGB header, whereas the LL120s are 5V input on RGB. Note that the fan motor itself is 12V. Be careful with mixing RGBs between brands as voltages may differ.
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