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Corsair Vengeance RGB with Aura


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So recently corsair announced and released a plugin that allows control of asus motherboard lighting combined with Aura. Everything is now synced except my old Vengeance RGB. I am wondering if Corsair is going allow to let that RAM be synced but I am afraid they will ditch it. I heard people saying its impossible to control the timings yet when iCue is closed but Aura is running alone with rainbow effect it works perfect, if iCue is running then it would interfere and crash the Aura service eventually. Can I make so that iCue doesn't detect my RAM or leaves it alone? I have seen the Vengeance Pro plugin that lets aura control the RAM but it does not support the normal Vengeance. I really hope they do something similar with removing the DRAM dll or something without crashing the software (tried it) because I really would not want to spend another 200€ on memory while I bought my RAM for 460€ back in the expensive RAM days... I also want to point out just a plugin for removing the Vengeance RGB from iCue would be great because I would be able to control everything true Aura with 3rd party software (JackNetRGB).




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