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H115i Platinum,Second Hand Unit Sent As New


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I love my corsair items, cooler, fans, case, keyboard, etc, etc, but i am saddened and annoyed at what i have received.

I bought a Corsair H115i Platinum from a large retailer which was not sealed in the box and when i fitted it i noticed the USB cable from the head unit was faulty, i sent for a replacement from a large retailer and was sent a Second-hand unit that was damaged and obviously had been used in another pc.


Does corsair send used units to sellers or is this just down to lazy quality check from a large retailer?


I am annoyed at this kind of stuff can be sent to a customer but was told by the retailer that the unit is fine, I am sending this back to them but just wanted to clarify who was at fault here


As you can see from the pics, the unit has no thermal paste on it, the screws are all over the box, the fans are dirty, the radiator has damaged fins, the mounting brackets are missing.

I have used a few items from corsair but never had items in this state, luckily i noticed before fitting but some new pc builders may not and might have tried to fit this, or if someone got this as a gift

I just want to bring it to the attention of the community to make sure you are getting new items that you pay for

I am sure Corsair would not send this kind of equipment to customers

If this is the retailer's fault then they should be ashamed






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