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Do I need my CoPro and/or NoPro?


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(Unsure if in correct section, I thought this was most relevant)


I have been collecting parts for a new build over the last month. All my questions revolve around the Corsair parts I have and how they all come together.


Parts in question:

H100i RGB Platinum

QL120 3-Pack w/ Lighting Node Core

Commander Pro

RGB Lighting Pro Expansion Kit


Based on reading the amazing post by @Zotty (https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880&t=173880) had I gotten the Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller kit, the CoPro would be unnecessary, yes?


Will this current parts list work as is? If so, how will it work best? Or do I need the NoPro to get this all together?

Does keeping the CoPro give me more versatility moving forward?


Thank you!

Lancimus Prime

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No, you don't need a Ligthing Node Pro. The Commander Pro does everything that the LNP does and more.


The only thing that you may want to consider is an RGB Fan LED Hub for the QL fans. This will allow you to control the QL fans from the Commander Pro - so one device for both the strips and the QL fan RGB. But that's optional; the Lighting Node Core will absolutely do the trick.

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