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Ending Tasks Causing Problems?


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Hi there,


Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was extremely happy with my Corsair products (Carbide 275r, 3 LL120's, and a H100i RGB Plat cooler).


I ended basically all tasks in my task manager that said "Corsair" in the name, and ever since I have experience light flickering in my LL120's, and sometimes my lighting does not work on my fans or cpu block (it shows up in iCue, but when I change the lighting, the colors of the fans on the radiator and LEDs on the water block stay rainbow, like they are when you first boot and iCue has not started yet).


My question is: is there any way to reset what I've done? I have uninstalled iCue about 6 times (including following ways suggested by devs here using an installer), tried switching the usb ports on my mobo that the lighting pro and platinum cooler are plugged into. I have switched which port on the lightning node pro my fan hub is connected to. I have also tried rearranging the fans in the fan hub to isolate a flickering fan (I only have 3), but to no avail.


Also worth noting that I have 4 LED strips daisy chained and plugged into the same node pro as my fans, and are working perfectly fine.


TLDR: Ended Corsair related tasks. Fans now flicker, but can be changed in iCue. H100i RGB Platinum shows up in iCue (fans and pump work properly) but lights do not react to changes. LED strips work fine.


Thanks :)

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