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Void Visualizer Lightscheme failing.


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I have noticed since previous iCue that this void visualizer lightscheme no longer keeps working.

It will hang/stop responding within 30 minutes of usage.

Lights just suddenly stay lit and no response anymore to sound.

Can get it to work again by switching from playback to microphone and back to playback visualizer but within 30 minutes it hangs again.

The microphone visualizer doesn't even work at all.

I appreciated while it worked, that's the reason i got a void really, for this function, but if it no longer can work for more then 30 minutes max, then what good is it ??

Why do these functions break in newer versions of iCue ????


I am stunned by your professionalism corsair.

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I am having the same issue.

I purchased the HS70 Pro Wireless Headset and was very excited to hook it up to iCUE.

Once I got a profile setup where I could just relax and listen to music, it didn't take long for the keyboard lights to freeze. After some digging I too found the only way to reset it was to switch from playback to microphone then back again. I am really bummed after spending quite a bit of money to find a really cool feature of them breaks after a short period of time.

I love the headset, sound quality is great and I don't have any other problem with them but is there any way to fix this? Or is there any hope for a patch?

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