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Help Connecting H100i Platinum

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I’m installing a Corsair H100i Platinum cooler in a PC I’m building. AMD Threadripper 3960X. Asus Zenith II Extreme motherboard.


I have some questions about the electrical connections for the pump. There are three permanent cables that come out of the pump:


1. One cable has a standard SATA power connector but there is also a separate 3-pin connector attached to it with only one wire going to that connector. It has the number 1 plus “LHE” etched into the connector. I have no idea what this other 3-pin/1-wire connector is for. Any clues appreciated.


2. Another cable splits and has two 4-pin connectors. They appear to be standard male fan connectors. There is no indication of what they are for or why there are two of them. Any clues appreciated.


3. The third cable splits and has two male fan connectors. One connector has the number 1 printed on it in white ink and has 4-pins. The other has nothing printed on it and has 3-pins. There is no indication of what they are for. Any clues appreciated.


I assume some of these are for powering the pump and some are for RGB but there’s no indication of which is which and what to connect them to (except for the standard SATA power connector goes to my power supply.) Any clues appreciated.


One final question: I have no interest in RGB. Do I have to connect those connectors for the pump to work properly or can I just leave them not connected?



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SATA cable is for power. The 1 wire “false 3 pin” reports the pump speed to the BIOS and also serves as a safety feature or solution to the CPU fan boot protocols. You must have something on cpu fan to boot or disable the safety feature in the bios. Putting on cpu fan will give you a warning if the pump fails to start.


The 4 + 3 fan splitter leads back to the cooler’s internal fan controller. This is a software controlled cooler that will regulate fan speed from the coolant temperature. The fans need to connect to that splitter in order for that to happen.


The other splitter with the longer, flatter connectors are for the RGB lighting. You’ll notice your RGB fans have 2 wires each - 1 for lighting, 1 for fan motor power. Most RGB fans split power this way to deal with current limits on the controllers. If you don’t want to connect the RGB fans, that’s fine. It has no impact on functionality. However, you paid a premium for those features when you bought the Platinum model vs the Pro without them.

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Sorry for bumping this thread... but I can't find an answer to the original post here and have this issue. My ASUS X570-Plus MB has a 4-pin male cpu fan connector. All connectors (except for the single wire 3-pin/sata combo) are all male for my H100i RGB Platinum SE. I understand the fan and rgb connectors... but I have no 3-pin connections on my MB and everything is male.
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Please, I read this thread and have a question.


You guys said that I need to connect this 3-pin cable on a CPU-fan male connector on the motherboard. My MSI motherboard only have 4-pin CPU and SYS fan male connectors. What should I do?

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