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What is the ideal cooling for the i9900ks in an Obsidian 500d rgb case?


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Hello! Sorry, I'm a foreigner.

1. I read a lot of topics, but I can not decide on the cooling of the new system. H150i pro only fits into the front of the case 500d vertically. I do not really like this solution, because the heat after the radiator will go inside to the internal boards (video card, motherboard). I'm right?

2. I want to mount a radiator on top of the case, and blow air up. Will this effectively cool the processor?

3. I really like 115 platinum, but I read that it works much noisier than 115 pro. I'm right? There are also problems with disabling usb.

4. Therefore, I am more inclined to 115 pro, but how can I install rgb fans in 115 pro? I have commander in the case.


5. I also wanted to know if anyone who has a normally working usb 115 platinum with an Asus maximum formula?

6. I also read at another site that 115 platinum was made specifically for the i9 Intel. I'm right?


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1) Yes and no. Sure exhausting waste heat from the radiator is going to warmer than air from outside the case. However, the mistaken assumption is this some how penalizes. Even in a cold Winter room, your RAM, VRM, and MB capacitors will run in upper 35-40C range (at a minimum). Meanwhile, exhaust air temp from the radiator will be about the same as coolant temp, or a maximum of 35-40C. So in a worst case scenario with the motherboard hardware as cool as possible and the coolant as warm as possible, your just blowing 37C air on a 37C component. Your not warming up the motherboard and moving air is better than none. About the only time this can work out negatively is when you have a front mounted m.2 drive. They are rather thermally sensitive and those MB that force you to mount them on a stick behind the rear fans will not be helpful for front mount radiator. Thankfully MB manufactures learned that lesson already and there aren't too many boards with that design.


2) Yes. There is a relationship between intake air temperature on one side of the radiator to the cooling efficiency. In simple terms, if you blow 35C air into a radiator for long enough, the radiator and the coolant inside will have a 35C minimum temp as well, before any additional heat comes from elsewhere. If you are truly looking for the coolest coolant temp possible, you orientate the fans for intake. However, the difference between top and front rail is typically only 2-3C, so this is not something to go crazy over if the case cannot accommodate what you want to do. The one thing you need to watch out for is GPU waste heat. If you have 2080 Ti with power levels unlocked, you can push as much as 400W from it. That is massively more than any CPU and its heat will dominate the case. If you run long gpu loads (either as renders or gaming), getting the CPU radiator out of the GPU waste heat zone likely has more benefits than anything you can do with fans or larger sizes. If both GPU and CPU are water cooled, then this is less of an issue.


3) That depends. The pump comes from two different suppliers. For some, one or the other strikes people the wrong way. Some people do have USB recognition issues. A lot of it is the newer AMD x570 boards, which seem to do everything differently. Regardless, I prefer the Pro for a different reason. It costs less and I don't want to pay for RGB fans I may not use, especially if I prefer a different fan model.


4) You already have a Commander Pro. The 500D should also have an RGB Lighting Hub that powers the lighting. That's all you need. If you buy more LL fans, they will get their fan motor power from the cooler's fan controller and hook into the RGB hub like your other RGB fans. The Platinum has its own lighting controller making it an easier choice for those with no other Corsair RGB gear.


5) Most people on an Asus Z390 should not have issues, but its not really clear what the underlying problem is with the Platinum.


6) That sounds like marketing or misinterpreted marketing. The cooler doesn't care what's underneath. Heat conducted in. Cooler moves it somewhere else. Same socket as everyone else.

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