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Void pro wireless no audio


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Issue started yesterday, after several hours of troubleshooting and looking for answers i was forced to make an account here... So the headset now can play test audio from windows, and I know now that the microphone is working properly. However, I can not get any sound besides TEST AUDIO. Before its asked, yes I have set it as my default.


I will try to remember everything I have tried:


Uninstalled/reinstalled iCUE

changed defaults back and forth

Updated firmware (forced update)

Uninstalled all audio drivers with restarts on all.

Searched for the generic audio driver through troubleshooting devices and got nowhere updating that one.

Removed corsair headset from devices.


I'm at my wits end and about to just go get HyperX or something as this is ridiculous.


EDIT: I have sound from other devices when i set my sound to them so it is specific to corsair.

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