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Full Corsair build, need guru


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Whats up guys, at this point I just want to pay someone to give me 1 on 1 help if they really know this software. I currently just built a new rig within in the last 4 months. Its a very high end build and I kept everything corsair to try to make my RGB as convenient as possible. I have done everything but something always seems bugged. I have no mobo software, I understand these softwares sometimes get cucked by other software. There is nothing really on this pc but can list programs. I have the h150i pro , corsair veng 3600 mhz rgb ram, 1000 watt fully modular psu, 6 corsair ll series fans, lighting node pro, I know we wired the fans in the node pro in order because they are synced, but one is always shutting off and stuff whenever I try to do something. Today I wanted to change the colors and just try to match my new setup colors of other lights for my desk and such, and then some fans were not going on and such. I re installed icue, and now everything is working but its all on rainbow, super annoying I have a nice reward for anyone willing to work with me. I am leaving my discord below if anyone feels up for this challenge, thank you so much and sorry for the grammar.


discord is here ARozay23#3980

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