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Having leds coloured like animated wallpaper? And update problem (K55)


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I recently bought a k55 RGB and wallpaper engine (application for animated wallpapers) and I noticed that iCUE is compatible with wallpaper engine.

What I wanted to do but didn't work is making my keyboard "follow" the rythm of wallpaper animations with led, the keyboard goes black, no light, as soon as the wallpaper is put on.


I also tried updating my K55 to the 3.08 (last) firmware but didn't work either (Update fail..)


could someone help me with these troubles ?


Thanks for help! ::pirate::

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I know this post is over a month old but


I also have a k55 as a secondary keyboard and have the exact same issue. As soon as wallpaper engine is running my fans, ram, Aio, led strips headset and mouse all sync with wallpaper engine but the k55 just turns all the LEDS off and goes dark. Sort of defeats the purpose of having a backlit keyboard


This is the information i have gotten from Tim the developer of Wallpaper engine.


Hey, it's just that apparently the K55 RGB does not support iCUE properly. This is the device guide support list that we have from Corsair and I just checked, this is the latest version and it does not contain the K55:




To be honest, I don't fully get why this particular keyboard is not supported either but this is more of an issue in iCUE rather than Wallpaper Engine, so I am afraid that's all I know. I guess you could try to reach out to Corsair about this but they will likely just tell you something similar (as the screenshot I posted a above is taken straight out of an official Corsair document). Sorry I could not be of more help!


Not sure if this is an icue issue, a k55 issue or a wallpaper engine issue :dunno:


- Vex

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