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iCUE just resets to default profile with each reboot, profiles don't stick.


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Since the last iCUE update I did, using my Scimitar Pro RGB I got back in 2017, it seems that iCUE resets itself each time it starts back up.

It's not saving any of my profiles, I have to manually load them from their folder each time because they don't even show up in the list.

What's going on, is this some sort of a glitch?

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This is not a normal issue. Are you doing anything creative with your Windows user profiles or something else where the program can't access the C:Users/(name)/App Data (hidden)/Roaming folder?

Ahh, found the issue.

I reinstalled my Dropbox as of late and as such some folders were linked through symbolic links.

I deleted that specific folder and then started anew, and now my profile issue is fixed!

Thanks for your assistance.

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