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Clalification needed for 9 fans setup


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First of all, Happy New Year 2020 Everyone!! & Thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong section since I'm not sure which it would belong to and this might be repetitive thread but this should clear things up for upcoming members


I am about to upgrade into 9 fans in total in my Lian Li 011 case.


Currently using H150i pro cooling which I do want to replace the included 3 fans.


I have read the Zotty's RGB Guide and threads and came across many threads/comments but they were in words so I just need to clarify my understand with this diagram I borrowed/made adjustment before I can make the right purchase.


If my diagram is correct, my purchase will be 2 packs of 3x ml120, 3 individual ml120 fans AND 1 Commander Pro


You would only need a single Commander Pro.

The 3 fans on the radiator will be controlled from the radiator. It has connections for all 3 fans.


That leaves 6 fans that require RPM control. And the CoPro has 6 controllable fan settings. So you are good there.


From there, you need to control the lighting. You'll need 2 RGB Fan Hubs - each hub will support up to 6 fans. How you lay them out will depend on the positioning of the fans in the case but it's likely to work best with the 3 radiator fans on one hub and the other six on another (but leave your options open). So you'll want to get 2 multi LL Fan packs. The two fan hubs will connect to the CoPro's 2 RGB channels.


This will also leave you with 2 spare Lighting Node Pros. Hold on to them in case you feel the need to up the RGB game. It is addictive.


And be sure to check out the RGB FAQ that's linked in my signature. It has everything that you wanted to know and more ...




Thanks again and sorry for my bad English, they are my second language. :[pouts:

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