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MM800 software issue


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Hi all, new here!


(First let me say that I've looked at multiple other threads both here and on reddit about this issue, and none of the solutions have worked, from SDK disabling, to deleting the .bin file, to MSI Mystic Light, which I neither use nor have, etc etc etc.)


So I've had my MM800 for well over a year now and it was mostly trouble free until about two weeks ago when I booted up and it the lights didn't come on.


Well, actually, that's not true, when I first power on, it does (what I assume to be) its demo-mode rainbow spiral. It does this until iCUE kicks on, at which point it goes dark.


All USB ports are up tp date and fine, the USB passthrough on the pad is fine as well (running a temp wifi antenna off it as we speak).


iCUE doesn't recognize the pad as even existing, and in device manager it comes up as a disabled USB input device (pic attached).


So... any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Oh, and on a possibly related note, at the same time this started happening, the escape key on my K95 started taking screenshots. It still functions as an escape key as well, it just also screenshots.


Nothing is currently, or has ever been mapped to it.

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I mean I don't know much about the MM800 but maybe the wire connected to the mouse mat has been tugged or pulled roughly, just my suggestion, other than that I would try emailing corsair


Sorry, should've specified. I plugged it into my old laptop with a very old build of iCUE. Worked fine. Updated iCUE. Still worked. It's for sure something in my current machine.


I emailed Corsair last week. Have yet to get a response.


Thanks though!



I don't know about the MM800. It has always been a bit flaky.


As for the ESC, see any of the threads discussing this in the forums. It is a bug in 3.22 and 3.23. See below.





Will check those out. Thanks!

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