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It´s looking pretty good so far, what I really would do is: Upgrade your Motherboard.

I wouldn´t say that your motherboard is bad, but it´s relatively old right now and a upgrade would improve performance. You chose the right way with the H115i for a cooling solution.

I would assume that your Graphics Card is in maybe a 8x Slot but that doesnt matter., it´s only a few FPS drop.


All in One: Upgrade your Motherboard and CPU as well as RAM.

If you want to go full send, buy an X570 Mobo with a 3600(X) or an 3700X.

Budgetwise: Get like an B450 Board with a 2600.

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I double checked the post date to make sure it's not a resurrected necro thread. Weird choice of hardware unless it's an old system. Please upgrade. And move the riser cable to the first slot to take advantage of all 16 PCI-e lanes. You don't have any expansion cards, so blocking all other slots shouldn't be a concern.
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