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Icue new user! Assigning colours to keys! Possible?


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Hello all and Happy New Year!


I have only just discovered the Icue software software for my K65 RGB Keyboard.


I am using a static red colour for the keyboard. Is it possible to have particular colours for certain keys? I am hoping to have the W A S & D keys a different colour to the rest of the keys.


Can anyone please help?

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iCUE lighting effects work in a top-down hierarchy. The lighting effect higher on the list is dominant. You can add near limitless number of effects.


The shift or Control button is your friend when selectively applying or removing lighting from the keyboard. When you add an effect, it is applied automatically across the entire board. You'll notice as soon as you click anywhere on the keyboard in iCUE, the lighting disappears. You must hold down either Shift or CTRL and then click to selectively add/remove.


For example, you want a red base layer and green WASD.


1) Click + to in the lighting effects tab to add a new effect. Select "Static", then change the color from white to red with the color tools. The entire board is now red.


2) Repeat the process with + to add a new static effect layer. It will automatically go on top of the red layer. Change it to green. The entire board is now green, sitting on top of the red layer.


3) With the green effect still active, deliberately move the mouse cursor into the keyboard picture and click anywhere. The green is now gone, but still the active effect in the left side lighting menu. Board should be red again.


4) Hold down either CTRL or SHIFT and click W-A-S-D. They should each turn green as you click then one by one.


You also can click-drag a select box over larger sections when needed.

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