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Void RGB Elite USB mic quiet


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Today I had to exchange my Void Pro because of a speaker malfunction, I was normally heard fine at 100% for others on discord, the sidetone was a good level at max and was overall a great headset. When exchanged there was none of the same so I grabbed the newer Void Elite and went back home, plugged it in, updated Icue for it to appear and went into a call with others to check audio levels. To everyone, I was beyond quiet. I turned myself up on discord to max, windows input to max, Icue input to max and they all turned me to 200%, only to find I was still slightly quieter than before. Even the sidetone/feedback was quiet relative to what it was before, is the mic on the new headset quiet for a reason?


Checked firmware of the product to see its a fresh version 0.01 and that's latest. Icue is fully updated and it instated new drivers.


Any ideas? Or by chance having this headset input slider go higher on Icue?


(Edit because I forgot I was on Icue software and not Audio, riperoni)

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disclaimer that I now realized I posted this in Icue software and not Audio
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I wish I came across this thread before buying the Void RGB Elite USB Headset, cannot get a good experience with the mic unless I install equalizerAPO and then amplified the mic +10db. However this fix brings some noise because of the amplification.


Without that fix the microphone is not really usable for gaming with friends as they won't be able to hear you well over the game sound. If not gaming and just chatting over discord is fine but they will have to put you at 200% volume to hear you. It really brings the question why does the headset has a "discord" seal on the box?


I noticed the mic improves if you literally push it towards your mouth almost inside it which is not practical.


volume levels in iCue software are to the max but doesnt change a thing. Same in windows, all settings are set to the max. As mentioned above, only fix is to use equalizerapo and amplify the mic with it.


It is a real pity. Nice looking and comfortable headset with an almost useless microphone.

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