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I have been using icue for about a year with little issues that I have been able to resolve. I use it to turn the lights red when caps lock is on and green when caps lock is off.


I do this at work where I work in Autocad all day and everything we do in that program is always in caps.


I recently found that where icue can be link to a program (ACAD.EXE) and have it switch the profile to show red (because it should be set for all caps). But I was unable to find a way to have icue turn on the caps lock automatically when the profile gets activated, thereby giving false lighting to the state of the keyboard.


I did find in two locations where caps can be turned on when a key is pressed. But I already have that happen with the caps lock key.


Would anyone know a work-around to make it being linked to a program also changes the state of the keyboard?

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