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Compaq X1005EA + VS512SDS266?


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Hello, I checked the Corsair website and they recommend the CMSS256MB-266SOD for my notebook Compaq X1005EA, but it's not available here in Belgium. I read another thread about a guy who had bought the VS512SDS266 and how it worked fine with his HP, but here, I don't want just to ADD memory, I want to REPLACE the current one (256Mb).


My concern is, I opened my notebook and checked the memory, it says CL2.5 on it, is it something I should be careful of, or do you think I can just replace it with the Corsair Value?


Thanks in advance!

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As long as you are replacing the memory that came with your NB, and it does not have memory on the mother board you should not have any problems running VS512SDS266 with this system.

Thanks, I'll give it a try!


Since today, the website on which I will purchase is selling the CMSS512MB-SOD too, but it costs 60% more...


What's the difference? Why the price difference?



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