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Logo and power LED how to connect confused (570x BLACK)


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I have a 570x BLACK case and the ledwires are powerled+ and powerled-. I want to connect them to a RGB fan led hub but this hub has 4 pins....... (saw this possibility on YouTube).

I have put te powerleds in a few ways but the leds didn’t lite op.


The RGB fan hub is connected to a Commander Pro. There is nothing else connected to the RGB fan hub.


Can anyone tel me on wich pins the powerleds are to be connected.


Thx in advance,


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hi buddy... the powerLED +/- cables are for the white LED in the Power button on top of the case.. this LED is not RGB, white only... these go to the powerLED header pins on your motherboard


the Corsair PSU logo and Front Sails Logo are another story..


these should be plugged into LED port 4 on the supplied RGB Fan LED Hub that is plugged into your button controller and also has a sata power connection to your PSU...

should you want to control the 3 supplied SP RGB Fans and the Logo's in iCUE then you would plug the RGB Fan LED Hub into a Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro and then configure the chosen LED channel as 4 SP Fans and then apply a lighting effect

more info below


570x Mirror Black Faq






always worth the read...



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I don’ t understand it because there is no other way to connect the powerbutton and the litle lit in the front. The 2 wires from each lite are comming together in the powerled+ and powerled- connection. The ‘big’ corsair logo is only wired with sataconnection.


I made a drowing of the situation.....


Hope it explains and helpt (btw i removed the fancontroles)


Thx, Jack


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