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LL120 fans not lighting up.


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i built my pc around mid december 2018, i had no issues at all until a few months ago, then all but 1 and the inner ring of the 2nd fan stopped lighting up. iv replaced both the nodes that came with the 2x 3pack of ll120s i purchased and still no luck. they just seem to come on when they want. iv done a fresh install of my machine and still no joy. they came on, on their own after a couple of days, they was working normal then completely stopped again after 2 days and back down to the 1st fan and just the inner ring of the second. i was wondering is anyone else has had any issues like this and might have any ways to resolve this issue? its a bit concerning that i spent £140 on 6 fans to only have 1 and 1/4 of them be lighting up after around 10-11months. any help would be greatly appreciated as im trying to avoid rma as i really dont want to be without a pc for the several weeks its going to take for the whole rma process.


Thanks in advance

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