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Carbide 540 PSU compartment panel fit


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Greetings to all.


I recently built a new system around the Carbide 540.


Thus far I'm pretty satisfied with the case. However, I've noticed that the PSU compartment panel is VERY difficult to put on.


For whatever reason, it's almost like the holes on the side panel are misaligned compared to the holes on the chassis itself (which are a bit too low). As a result of this, the thumbscrews want to go in at an angle, and I usually have to pull the panel backwards a few millimeters to try and get the thumbscrews to go in straight, then torque them down with some difficulty while forcing the side panel forwards until everything is locked in place.


It kinda feels like I'm either going to cross-thread the thumbscrews one day, or the holes on the chassis are going to strip out due to wear and tear. I've checked the clearance on all the internal cables and nothing is anywhere near the side panel, so I'm not getting caught on anything.


The weird thing is that the window panel is fine. Everything aligns correctly on that side and all I have to do is put the thumbscrews through the holes and twist them down (compared to fighting with the PSU side, which is a 5 minute ordeal at the minimum).


Is this something I should be worried about? This case wasn't exactly cheap, and I'm kinda surprised that the fit seems so poor on the one side (but at the same time, several people have told me that a lot of PC cases have issues like this these days, so I don't really know).




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