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Worried about my Corsair RGB Strafe keyboard


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I was wondering if my Corsair keyboard is running its own discreet OS like a slimmed down Linux micro kernel and if it has the ability to communicate via a side channel without my knowledge. I use crypto so naturally I worry about things like key loggers. Before investing further in this field I was considering getting rid of the Strafe or building a separate gaming PC that contains no personal information. It feels like we can no longer trust any manufacturer as they all seem hell bent on acquiring our data often on the sly.


I had icue installed for a while but didn’t like the look of my resource monitor logs and my wireshark logs. There was constant chatter between my PC and I assume a server belonging to Corsair. Suffice to say I was forced to remove it within hours.


I definitely won’t be buying any Corsair hardware ever again. I want to like the keyboard but definitely feels like I’m beating on a Trojan horse sometimes. I’m making my feelings known in the small hope that the company changes its mind and becomes more security and privacy focused.

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