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Corsair case modularity (Question for 220T owners)


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I've currently got Corsair's 175R Mid tower case which has been great so far. I was browsing around the Corsair website and found their 220T case which I think looks really nice.


Now here's the thing, the 220T looks almost identical to the 175R save for the front panel, take a look for yourselves:






What I think corsair's done is just recycle the chassis of the 175R, add a new front panel and some RGB fans and call it a day. I've also found that Corsair sells a replacement front panel and bracket for the 220T.


Now my question for 220T owners: Is it at all possible you could measure the peg distances on the front panel? I'm assuming it's removable but on my case there are three front panel pegs, It's 17cm from the top peg to the middle and 20cm from the middle to the bottom peg for a total distance of 37cm from the top peg to the bottom.


If any 220T owners out there is willing to confirm these measurements It would be greatly appreciated!

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