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Hey guys!


Swapping cases from a Coolermaster HAF X to a Corsair 680x RGB & I've hit a wall.. I think I am going to need a new motherboard.




My Current Rig Specs


CPU: i7 6700k


Mobo: MSI M3 Z170a


GPU: 1660 Ti


CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i


PSU: EVGA Supernova 850w


M.2 SSD & Samsung Evo SSD


Monitor 34" MSI Mag Ultrawide & 27" Asus ROG Swift




My new case came with a USB Type-C connector that plugs into the motherboard. My current motherboard does not have a USB Type-C header, therefor I cannot use to top panel USB Type-Cs..




Also, my new case came with the Corsair Commander Pro which needs a USB header to plug into. However, my motherboard only has 1 USB connector that I am currently occupying with my CPU Cooler.




My dilemma is that when looking to purchase a new motherboard that has additional USB headers as well as a USB Type-C header on the motherboard, I cannot find one that supports my 6700k (LGA 1151 socket)....




Am I going to have to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard just to make use of my Corsair Commander pro & top panel USB Type-Cs...?




I can post pictures if that will help but any suggestions would be great.

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You can connect the AIO through the Commander Pro. It has two pass through USB 2 ports, although they look more like USB 3 with those giant openings.


I think you are probably out of luck on the USB-C. It feels like we didn't start seeing that until Z370. Maybe some Z270 boards have it and you can run your 6700K on there with a BIOS update, but that seems like a lot of expense for the USB C connection. There may be a better solution for that. Someone else may know one.


"I am switching from a HAF-X to a 680x and hit a wall". I thought that was going to be a literal statement. Lots of radiator top fitment issues in that case. LOL.

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There is a card from SilverStone that is PCIe that has an internal USB-C motherboard header. It is expensive for what it is. There might be another manufacturer of one on Amazon now, but I have the SilverStone one in my 1000d. It works ok for what it is. You will not get the high power pass through, but it works for data. Many on the forum use the NZXT Internal USB hub for multiple USB connections, should you need additional ones inside the case.
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