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RGB lighting all of a sudden not working properly?


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See the link here for my 3 examples (I have the commander pro, h115i pro, vengeance rgb pro ram, and 5 ll120 fans):




Here's what's going on:


First image: when I turn color to rainbow, not all of them change


Second image: when I turn lights off, not all of them turn off


Third image: when I turn color to white, see in the corners of the fan lights? there are specks of annoying color.



My question:



I have already tried reinstalling ICUE, replugged the fans in properly, and I also went into my HKEY system files and deleted a few files as per a recommendation.


This issue also occurs different fans, so it doesn't seem like a specific fan issue right?? Also, this never used to happen, I think it was a new update to icue that caused this for me, or the firmware, can I find the old icue/firmware?


Does anyone know what I can do about this? My computer cost me $5,000 so I'm really upset this is happening to something as trivial as lighting...

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