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H100x and Commander Pro


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The H100x is not an iCUE device, so it will not interface with the program. However, you can set up fan control just like it would be if you had one.


Take any one of the thin 10K thermistor sensors from the Commander Pro box. It can go to any of the 4 slots on the C-Pro. Run the sensor end to the exhaust side of the radiator (wherever that is). You want the radiator exhaust to blow across it. It does not have to be dead center of the fan and this is a relative measurement. Radiator exhaust temp effectively equals coolant temperature in the radiator. This is the normal and preferred control variable for the radiator fans. Back in iCUE, go the Performance tab, hit + and create a new fan curve. Set the sensor to Commander Pro temp ___#. You can rename this in the Commander Pro window. Coolant temp rages from about +4C over room temperature to a maximum of +6-12C beyond that depending on CPU, load type, GPU heat, etc. Besides the most efficient control, the sensor is also native to the Commander Pro so it will keep the fans quiet on boot or any time iCUE is not running. There will be no power on fast blast (set fans to 4 pin in Commander Pro settings).

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