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What Corsair Cooling for Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL


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I'm now contemplating a Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL case.

My GPU will be stock air cooled.


I know I want an H150i as Intake (want to keep the CPU as cool as possible). I want to mount the H150i on the Side.


I want to keep positive pressure in the case so leaning toward more Intake than Exhaust.


With the H150i on the Side as Intake, and one 120mm fan as Exhaust in the Back, what else in the line of fans for Top, or Bottom, or Both, do you recommend?


I'm thinking this or these would be Intake also, or is this too much Intake with only the Back as Exhaust?


So, looking for advise on what to buy besides the H150i?


As a side note, my case is on the floor under my desk. I still want the LED lit fans, but the light show is not the most important part.




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That's a lot of ground to cover. As far as fans go, you pick the one that you like the most. RGB fans are too expensive to dump them 2 months later because you really wanted something else. Fan blade design won't be very relevant on a well ventilated case with a 360mm radiator on CPU duty. You may also want to look at the thread below with another user pondering similar questions in the XL. I do not think you should do 9 fans intake and 1x120 exhaust. Airflow is about moving warmer internal air out, and replacing it with cooler external air. Those volumes need to be somewhat within reach of each other or you need passive venting to allow that exchange to occur. Since most of your venting will be fan occupied, you need to set the fans up to accomplish that. Positive pressure is one of those internet sensations that gets spread around as scientific fact. My O11D is an negative, 6 fans as exhaust, no active intake. All passive and unfiltered. This is the least dusty case I have ever owned, but that is because the it is white painted aluminum/steel vs black plastic. Environment and materials will trump fan orientation every time.



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