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Suggestions to drain my first loop


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I just finished testing my custom loop with Corsair hydroX parts. I have the xd5 pump with inlet at the top and drain valve on the side port. When I tried draining, the reservoir and the top right tube at the back got emptied but all the other tubes and parts still have water in it. I tried tilting the case to the sides but nothing flows into the reservoir. I need some help with this.


1. I tried blowing and sucking through the drain valve but it's very hard. Is that even the right way to do or I should blow through some other point ?

2. Will pumping air into the drain port with a plunger syringe help ? I'm worried if the loop would blow because of the pressure :( Not sure how it works.


I have included the build for reference. Any help is much appreciated!!


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Draining is the annoying part about doing loops. Some loops I have done, I designed it with draining/maintenance in mind.


1) Drain Res. Make sure to leave open a vent at the top of the res!

2) Remove tube from pump "out" and put a plug on the "out"

3) Remove tube and fitting from first component after pump

4) attach a G1/4 fitting attached to 2-3ft peice of soft tubing.

5) Put mouth to hose and blow.


This will help force a lot of the water into the res. You can also attach another soft tubing to the valve to aid in draining. Though plug the top of the res to prevent it from leaking, when you move your case on the side.


Once you get most of the liquid out, you can start taking parts of the loop apart, if you chose to remove the rest of the fluid, or to do other things. If I get most the fluid out, I am not going to going to worry about a couple ounces.

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