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Carbide spec delta case


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I had a similar issue just before Christmas. Bought my son a Spec-Delta case only to find that his B450M motherboard didn't have the necessary RGB header.


I ended up purchasing these fans - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07KFWB81M/


They come with their own Hub which connects to a spare SATA power cable.


Only downside is that there isn't an option to control the fan speed but to be honest

they are really quiet. I put all 5 in his case (3 at the front, 1 at the rear and 1 in the top).


I sold the Corsair fans on eBay so effectively didn't pay for the new fans from Amazon.


Not sure if you can connect the Corsair case fans to Corsair RGB Hub and Commander Pro? The Corsair Hub is around £12 on Overclockers website and the Commander Pro is normally around £60.

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